Our Fund

At Samabeong, we have been changing this system to decentralize the power, and have a community in charge of the estate, rather than the other way around. Towards these goals, we have built a social impact fund that stitches together our two pillars - small farmers' and organic agriculture. We reroute all revenues generated from you, in form of tourism, or in form of donation, towards the development of the Samabeong community.  

We have been developing the following initiatives in a systematic manner over the past 3 years. 

  • Encouraging woman-powered activities to break the glass ceiling and make the community more sustainable.

  • Providing income generation opportunities to planters; example: setting up locally-owned apiaries for honey production

  • Expanding educational facilities to the secondary level with scientific pedagogical methods

  • Setting up of Councils comprising workers representatives to manage the day-to-day operations of all tea estate

The Fund has operational, financial and functional arms, each of which have been carefully nurtured to be economically and environmentally sustainable. Through this ecotourism initiative, we hope to set a benchmark for balanced economic, social and political growth that is self-sustainable and thus, empowering.