The Samabeong Tea Estate rests at the Himalayan foothills and is one of the highest organic tea gardens. The history of Samabeong goes back to 1882 when the Estate was established by the British; it has seen a change of hands many times since, and by the early 1960’s, the Estate had become a degenerated, abandoned swamp.

In the mid-1980s, following a period of economic and political emergency in Darjeeling, the Estate was desecrated and the Factory burnt. Acquired by a legendary planter who believed in the strong ethos of “earth” and “water” in the early 1990s and in collaboration with a leading ethical trading partner, the fortunes of Samabeong soon changed. With the support of the entire Samabeong community that now number roughly 2000, the estate has blossomed into a biodiversity hotspot where the core philosophies of organic agriculture have been deeply engrained.

The local communities have since adopted many of the organic processes leading to an almost unprecedented growth of the local forestry and ecosystem. More importantly, Samabeong has evolved into a wholly organic village, and is home to a tighknit community of environmentalists, tea-growers, and farmers. 

Like a Phoenix that has risen from the ashes, Samabeong is now poised to sing a new song - of ecotourism and social impact.